What are Russian dating customs?

Russia is a country with a rich cultural heritage and unique traditions. One of the most interesting aspects of Russian culture is its dating customs. Dating in Russia is a complex and intricate process that is deeply rooted in tradition and has been passed down through generations. In this article, we will explore the various customs and traditions that are a part of Russian dating culture.

The Role of Gender

In Russian dating culture, there is a clear distinction between the roles of men and women. Men are expected to be the initiators and leaders in relationships, while women are expected to be more passive and submissive. This traditional gender role is deeply ingrained in Russian society and is reflected in the dating customs as well.

Initiating the Relationship

In Russia, it is the man’s responsibility to initiate the relationship. This can be in the form of asking a woman out on a date or expressing interest in her. It is considered rude for a woman to make the first move in a relationship. This is because it is believed that a man should be the one to take charge and make decisions in a relationship.

Courtship and Chivalry

Russian men are expected to be chivalrous and romantic when courting a woman. This includes bringing flowers, opening doors, and paying for dates. These gestures are seen as a sign of respect and admiration for the woman. In return, women are expected to be polite and gracious, and to show appreciation for these gestures.

Family Approval

In Russian dating culture, family plays a significant role in the relationship. It is important for a man to seek the approval of a woman’s family before taking the relationship to the next level. This is because family is highly valued in Russian culture, and their opinion is crucial in the decision-making process.

Meeting the Parents

Once a relationship has progressed, it is customary for the man to meet the woman’s parents. This is seen as a significant step in the relationship and is a sign of commitment. The meeting is usually formal and respectful, and the man is expected to bring a small gift for the parents as a sign of respect.

Gift Giving

Gift giving is an essential part of Russian dating culture. It is customary for a man to bring gifts for the woman he is dating, especially on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. These gifts do not have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful and show that the man cares for the woman.

The First Date

The first date in Russian dating culture is usually a formal affair. It is customary for the man to pick up the woman from her home and bring her flowers. The couple will then go to a restaurant or a cultural event, such as the theater or a concert. The man is expected to pay for the date, and the woman is expected to be well-dressed and polite.


In Russian dating culture, communication is essential. It is important for both partners to be open and honest with each other. Russian women appreciate men who are direct and express their feelings openly. It is also customary for couples to communicate regularly, even if they are not physically together.

Marriage and Family

In Russian culture, marriage is seen as a sacred institution, and it is the ultimate goal of dating. Once a couple decides to get married, it is customary for the man to ask for the woman’s hand in marriage from her parents. The wedding is a grand affair, and family and friends are invited to celebrate the union.


Russian dating customs are deeply rooted in tradition and reflect the values and beliefs of the culture. It is a complex and intricate process that involves respect, chivalry, and family approval. These customs may seem old-fashioned to some, but they are an essential part of Russian culture and are still widely practiced today. So, if you are interested in dating a Russian woman, it is important to understand and respect these customs to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

What are Russian dating customs?

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